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Buying Club for Discount  Propane (LP Gas)




Join for the upcoming season (8/31 - 3/31) by 8/31 to qualify for the lock-in.


A non-member reported paying $4.38 a gallon in early 2008.  Members at the time were paying $1.50.  This isn't typical, but our savings have been the greatest when we get a lock-in.

(Savings for 200 gallons:  $576!)


Another reported $4.63 in January of 2010.  We were paying about $2.45 on a cost-plus basis.

(Savings for 200 gallons:  $436!)


No delivery, hazmat, or any other hidden fees from Poor Boys LP Gas, LLC, our supplier.  They have 24x7 service at no extra charge, November - March, for Propane Club members on a "keep-full" plan.


They gladly accept Discover/Novus, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express


"Just received our propane bill from [previous propane company] for our 250 gallon tank and almost fainted!  They delivered 136 gallons and charged us $630 - help!  I'd like to learn more about the propane club and the smart way to order propane."


(e-mail received on 1/21/2010;  that charge represents $4.63 / gallon -- we were paying $1.90 at the time.  The author is now a member of the Propane Club.)


Previous lock-in rates for keep-full,

per season (9/1-3/31):

2010-2011 -- $1.90

2011-2012 -- $2.40

2012-2013 -- $2.20

2013-2014 -- $2.35

2014-2015 -- $2.35

2015-2016 -- $1.95

2016-2017 -- $1.85



For confidentiality reasons, we no longer publish our current lock-in rate, but if you don't like the rate, you may cancel.  Click here to see our cancellation policy.


Donít own your tank?

Our supplier will rent you a tank, and pump the propane from your old tank into the new one.**


"We have saved about 1/3 off our propane bill, and since we use between 600 and 1000 gallons a year, it has been a substantial savings."  (Member, 9/10/2013)


In a Nutshell:

  • You do NOT have to buy a propane tank, although it's easier if you own it.  If you rent your tank and have to switch vendors, the new supplier will rent you a tank and transfer the propane from your old tank to your new tank.**  You pay only the annual rental fee and the cost of the propane to complete filling it.

  • Lock-in:  In most years (economic conditions allowing), we get a lock-in for the winter (typically, 9/1 through 3/31).  You must sign-up prior to the deadline (usually August 31st) to participate in the lock-in.  If you miss the deadline, you can only get on the "cost-plus" plan until the next year (which should still save you substantially).

  • Cost-plus:  If there's no lock-in (seldom occurs) or you missed the deadline, we negotiate a discounted profit margin on propane (cost-plus) each year, based upon our purchasing volume.  Our provider cannot increase their profit margin during the winter for club members -- this is where most increases in retail cost originate, as many retailers double or triple their profit margins during the winter.

  • You may select "will call" or "keep-full."  In the "keep-full" program, your provider will automatically fill your tank when they are in your neighborhood and they'll charge it to your credit card.  This cuts down on the provider's mileage, and is another factor of our lower price.  It's also extremely convenient, because you don't have to worry about running out of propane and you don't have to look for the bill and take the time to write a check.  The keep-full program typically offers an additional 10 cents/gallon off the club rate.  If you think the keep-full program isn't a good idea, please click here to find out how you can pay more for 100 gallons than we do for a fill-up of 150.

  • You can save considerable amounts of money if you joinMany of our members save $1,000 or more annually.

Don't be Fooled ...


 by low prices in the fall.  Most suppliers still have cheap "summer" gas left over, and use it to "bait" you for the winter.  These fill-ups are usually limited to a one-time fill, and are often limited to 100 gallons.  Then, when winter hits and you're really using propane, the price often doubles or triples and it's too late to get in our lock-in for that season.  Also be aware of additional fees, such as "delivery" or "haz-mat," which drive up the price of each gallon you pay.  Our provider does not charge any extra fees.


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"You guys do an outstanding job and I wish the rest of my business associates had the same ethics."  (Recent comment from a club member)



"This is like Christmas in August!"

(Comment from a club member in 08/2010 after learning of the 2010-2011 lock-in.)



Coverage Map


Map is close, but not necessary accurate, as the coverage area varies with demand.  The Corsicana area has been added since this map was created.


Areas are approximate.  If you're close to the area, e-mail us to find out if you can get service, especially if you have a 500 gallon or larger tank, or have multiple customers in your area wanting to save money on propane.


Green, Blue, and Cities in red -- approximate coverage area


Residential and commercial customers welcome!


   Click here to join!


   * We normally get a lock-in, but may use cost-plus if market conditions are unusual.  This seldom happens.  We have received a lock-in every season since we switched to Poor Boys LP Gas, LLC.


** Available if the tank has the proper connection.  Most tanks from the past 10 - 15 years or so do.



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Save on discount propane in all or portions of Dallas County, Ellis County, Hill County, Johnson County, and Tarrant County, including Abbott (76621),  Aledo (76008), Alma (75119), Alvarado (76009), Aquilla (76622), Avalon (76623), Axtell (76624), Bardwell (75101), Barry (75102),  Bellaire Park North (76132), Bellmead (76705), Ben Hur (76642), Benbrook (75100-76199), Blum (76627), Brandon (76628), Briar Oaks (76028), Burleson (76028, 76097), Bynum (76631), Carl's Corner (76670), Cayote, Cedar Hill (75104, 75106), Celina (75009), Chalk Mountain (76649), Cleburne (76031, 76033), Clifton (76634), Corsicana (75109, 75110, 75151), Cottonwood (75158), Covington (76636), Cross Timber (76028), Crowley (76036), Decordova, Edgecliff Village, Ennis (75119, 75120), Ferris (75125), Forreston, Fort Worth / Ft. Worth (southern), Frost (76641), Garrett (75119), Gholson (76705), Glen Rose (76043), Godley (76044), Granbury (76048, 76049), Grandview (76050), Hillsboro (76645), Hubbard (76648), Hulen Bend, Hulen Heights (76107), Hutchins (75141), Italy (76651), Itasca (76055), Joshua (76058), Keene (76059), Kopperl (76652), Lacy-Lakeview (76705), Lancaster (75134, 75146), Leroy (76654), Long Branch (75167), Malone (76660), Mansfield (76063), Maypearl (76064), Meadows West, Meridian (76665), Mertens (76666), Midlothian (76065), Milford (76670), Mira Vista, Morgan (76671), Mt. Calm (76673), Nemo (76070), Oak Leaf (75154), Ovilla (75154), Palmer (75152), Panther Heights, The Parks of Deer Creek (76140), Pecan Hill (75165), Pecan Plantation (76049), Penelope (76676), Poolville (75119), Rainbow, Red Oak (75154), Rendon (76140), Rio Vista (76093), Ross (76684), Rosser (76487), Scurry, Telico (75120), Venus (76084), Walnut Springs (76690), Waxahachie (75165, 75167), West (76691), Whitney (76692), Wilmer (75172), Wilmer-Hutchins, and vicinity.  Our provider is Poor Boys LP Gas, LLC.  We are no longer associated with HILCO Propane or Ferrellgas.  HILCO is a registered trademark of HILCO Electric Cooperative, Inc. and/or HILCO United Services.