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An Ex-HILCO Customer's Response to HILCO Propane


The following letter was in response to Debra Cole's letter about why a lock-in doesn't work.  We have permission to use the letter, but have decided not to include the author's name.


Dear Ms. Debra Cole,


Thank you for your letter. I am surprised that HILCO has so much business that you can turn away customers like the "Ray Williams Propane Club Program." I believed in it from its inception and I am proud to say I am a founding member. I hope you were not trying to make any negative comments toward Ray Williams, as I hold him in very high regard.


To tell you the truth, as a former customer, the fact that you refused to lock in propane prices was insulting to me personally and financially. You can not sell propane at the lowest price (per your letter) and NOT lock in the propane price! To try and use the logic that, "we do not want to turn around and have the need for a large price increase at price renewal time should a price have been locked in too low" makes no sense. Propane, like hay, has seasonal cyclic price fluctuations and I lock in my hay price by buying all that I need in May or June for the entire year, when the supply is highest and the demand is lowest.  I lock in my price of hay to NOT pay a premium price for hay in January at twice the price as June, which would be very bad for my checkbook. Propane is the exact same scenario as the hay.


You had my gas business for years and drove me away by refusing to lock in or volume buy propane. Your repeated refusal of locking in propane "should a price have been locked in too low" is absurd and offensive. My money you squandered away by not locking in last year will never be recovered shame on you. How does a co-op refuse to lock in and think they are looking out for their customers/owners? How does this action not violate the HILCO BYLAWS - "The aim of HILCO ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC., (hereafter called the "cooperative") is to provide electric energy and other goods and services available to its members at the lowest cost consistent with sound economy and good management"?


In closing, I do not feel HILCO appreciated my business or you would not have forced me away by refusing to lock in the propane rate. I am proud to state that I am now being serviced by David Cole at Poor Boys LP Gas LLC with a locked in rate on my propane. I will continue to tell my friends, family, coworkers and patients where they can find the best price on propane locked in. It seems the economy has not affected HILCO, for you to be so unresponsive to customers needs.



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